Welcome to The Land of Oak & Iron

Our site is under development

We are currently developing our website and over the next few month will be regularly adding to the information that is available.

The Land of Oak & Iron covers an area with a rich and diverse history and landscape, which dates back over a thousand years. We are sure you will understand that it will take a little time to get all of this information published.

What is available now?

You can explore our site using the menu at the top of the page. A brief summary of the status of each page is given below.

Home page

Menu items remain under development at present.

Land of Oak & Iron

Menu items remain under development at present.


This sections contain information about the projects our volunteer groups have been working on as shown below.

– Publications

Three hard to find books about our area have been re-published and are now available.

– Mapping

Between the Lines, a month newsletter for this group, is available to view on-line. Beta versions of some of our digital maps are available now and we will be adding further features in the near future.

– Young Persons Group

Having completed a number of successful activities with local schools this group is now planning for the future. Co-vid 19 restrictions mean that they are not currently visiting schools.

– Woodland

This new group is still in its formative stages.

“The Trust”

This page serves as a bried introduction to the Trust, who we are and our activities.

– About us

This page gives the background to the Trust and introduces our main activities.

– The Trust Shop

You can support us by buying our publications and other items from the shop.

– Volunteering

Learn more about how we operate and becoming a volunteer.

– Supporters

This page is still under development, however, we will be acknowledging the help and support of local businesses and funding bodies in due course.

Thank you for your patience.