Industrial Heritage

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Iron and Steel Locations

Processing iron and steel in the Land of Oak & Iron can be traced back to the 13th century. It possible that iron was also worked at the Roman Fort “Vindomora” in Ebchester, however, no evidence of such activity has been found.

The map below shows the known iron and steel working sites in the Land of Oak and Iron.

Thousands of people worked in the Iron and Steel industries of the Land of Oak and Iron. The next map includes details of the main people; the individuals and groups of workers, who are associated with Iron and Steel in the various locations.

Whilst the iron and steel industry is very important to the story of the Land of Oak & Iron it was far from the only industrial activity that took place. The area is on the edge of the north-west Durham coalfield and coal mining pre-dates iron making. Manufacture of paper at various sites was also a significant industry and in the far west of the area in the Pennine Hill lead mining was also important to the area.