Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Land of Oak & Iron Trust. It is important that we share some information with you about the Trust and how we operate.

Please see the information below, our Volunteer Information Leaflet and Volunteer Application Form.


To operate as a registered charity we must have a constitution. This is a legal document which explains our objects (what our purpose is) and details of how we will operate. The constitution has to be accepted by the UK Charities Commission for us to become registered with them. You can view a copy of our Constitution here.


A summary of our policies and procedures is given in the Volunteer Information Leaflet. The latest version of the full documents may be viewed using the links below.

  • Financial Management and Expenses (P001)
  • Expenses (P002)
  • Important Note: Expense payments are currently not available without pre-authorisation by the Trustees, effective 25.06.2020.
  • Safeguarding (P003)
  • Health and Safety (P004)
    • Health and Safety Information Sheet for Volunteers (P05)
    • Health and Safety Information Sheet for LOIT Volunteers – Meetings, Talks & Walks: Covid-19 Guide (003)
  • Data Protection – GDPR (P006)
  • Code of Behaviour (P007)
  • Conflict of Interest (P008)
  • Supervision (P009)
  • Equal Opportunities (P010)
  • Safe Recruitment (P011)
  • Risk Management (P012)


To become a volunteer we ask you to complete and submit our application form, below are some notes which you may find helpful.

We ask for your name, telephone contact details and e-mail address.

In the sections below this we ask you to tell us which project(s) you wish to volunteer for. In each project we ask you to identify which aspects of the topic are of interest to you and rate them on a scale of 0 to 4, where 4 is very interested and 0 is not at all interested. This is to help us try to ensure you are given opportunity to work on the topics that are of most interest to you.

We also ask you to complete a declaration section and sign the form. Without this information and the signed declaration we are afraid we will not be able to progress your application further. Let us explain why:

  • The law concerning personal information, the way it is used and stored, has changed in recent years and we need your permission in order for us to store your information and communicate with you.
  • You will be joining a hardworking band of volunteers who produce a large amount of information that is made freely available to the public to enable them to explore, discover and enjoy the Land of Oak & Iron. It is, therefore, important that this information is covered by copyright. We ask that, unless specific agreements are in place which assign copyright in a different manner, you agree that the copyright for work produced in volunteer activities is assigned to the Land of Oak & Iron Trust.
  • To protect you as a volunteer, and us, we have insurance in place should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an incident whilst you are taking part in volunteer activities.
  • In some cases the project may lead to your coming into contact with young or vulnerable people. Before we can accept you as a volunteer for these projects we have to make certain checks into your background. To do this we need your permission.

Please note: All materials produced by volunteers of The Land of Oak & Iron will have copyright assigned to The Land of Oak & Iron Trust, unless a written agreement, signed by the Trustees, specifies other arrangements.

Please complete your Application form, save it on your device and email a copy to us at volunteering@loit.org.uk